Bring all your resources, curriculum, and teaching skills online

All Your Music Teaching Needs In One Place

Musico supports in-person, remote, and “hybrid” learning, helping you explore and manage resources, administer and track student progress, and more - all from a single platform that works on all devices.
Hybrid learning

noun ∙ combines face-to-face and online teaching into one cohesive experience.

All Your Music Teaching Needs In One Place

There are so many ways you can save time in your lessons

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Less Prep Time

icon Re-usable Lessons

Re-usable Lessons

Once you’ve created a lesson, simply “save-as” and re-assign it to anyone.

icon Quick Lesson Plans

Quick Lesson Plans

Use our ready-to-go lesson plans and customize them as much as you want!

Less Busy Work

icon Organized For You

Organized For You

Lessons are documented on the spot and available online anytime, anywhere.

icon Your Files Stay Put

Your Files Stay Put

No more hunting for rogue files: Musico keeps them all organized and searchable.

Teaching is easier with better tools

  • image Track students' progress

    Track Student Progress

    Watch their progress, practice time, and home assignments, in a simple dashboard.

  • image Teach With Video Apps

    Teach With Video Apps

    Stay connected with your favorite video conferencing app right inside of Musico, instantly.

  • image Unlimited Storage

    Unlimited Storage

    Keep all your resources, recordings, and videos in Musico and find any asset you need in seconds.

Connected. Creative. Coordinated.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected image
Stay Connected

Yes, you can teach online while keeping a great personal connection; Musico teachers do it all the time! Musico’s real-time features were built to ensure a high level of engagement, even when the lesson is remote. Use the Musico whiteboard to write, edit, and share notation live on screen, keeping everyone (literally) on the same page.

Stay Creative

Stay Creative image
Stay Creative

Use Musico’s built in creative tools to customize existing lesson plans as much as you want. Choose from a growing menu of creative options, and build lesson plans like snapping together musical legos. Start with a template, build from scratch, record audio on any device, and work with pre-built loops and samples.

Stay Coordinated

Stay Coordinated image
Stay Coordinated

Musico helps you stay flexible and coordinated with both in-person and online teaching. You can rapidly adapt to changing situations by accessing digital resources in person, and you can also capture the magic of in-person lessons from a distance. Take control of your studio with full flexibility, no matter what tomorrow brings.

You're in good company

Hybrid Guitar Teacher, School Owner
Ben Hyman
Hybrid Guitar Teacher, School Owner NJ, NY
“Musico reduces stress for teachers and helps my school deliver the best learning experience”
Private Teacher
Robin Black
Private & Group Piano Teacher Nashville TN.
“Now that my students are all using Musico, they’re practicing more, ENGAGING and CREATING with their assignments... because practice time is more fun now, they’re learning the material much faster.”
Piano School Teacher
Nicola Rose Lucas
A S Music School, Sheffield, UK
“I've been using Musico for the last few weeks to teach online, since the COVID-19 outbreak, and it's been an absolute godsend for keeping track and delivering lessons!”
Band Directors
Eric Wenstrom
Head of bands at Teton Chamber Orchestra Idaho Falls, Idaho
“I started using Musico about a year ago. Since then, my students are practicing much more - which leads to higher showup rate, more progress, and overall better lessons. Our recitals have never been so full.”

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